Brady Metz

BS, Ohio Northern University // MS, University of Central Arkansas


Brady Metz is an associate clinician at The Anxiety Center in Cincinnati and a Board Licensed School Psychologist through the Ohio Board of Psychology. Brady is committed to providing evidence-based approaches to support client growth and progress. He is proficient in providing therapeutic support through cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and exposure therapy with response prevention. His main area of expertise focuses on complex, multi-symptomatic populations that require unique assessment and treatment skill sets. These populations include individuals who have: Anxiety, OCD, and related disorders, Trauma related disorders, Substance Use Disorders, Non-Suicidal Self-injury, Personality Disorders, and Mood Disorders.


Brady has served populations in public school districts in Arkansas and Ohio for the last eleven years. He is committed to professional development to build and integrate evidence-based approaches for the treatment of anxiety-related disorders, depression, and AD/HD into daily practice. He has served several leadership rolesin executing systems level behavioral health initiatives. In recognition of his work Brady was presented the Hamilton County Education Foundation "Celebrate Excellence" Award in 2018 for his commitment to the mental health of students he has served in Hamilton County. Brady is a member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the International OCD Foundation, the Association for Contextual and Behavioral Sciences, and Ohio School Psychologist Association (OSPA).


My Passion

"I want to equip and empower others with strategies to improve their quality of life. Everyone's journey, perspective, and repertoire of skills are unique - so let us utilize these to build self-confidence and relationships by creating healthier thought and behavioral habits. There is a lot of pull and push, give and take, in life - take a chance on yourself, and I bet you find the power of change to be fulfilling. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is my home and my goal has always been to give back to the community that raised me.  My wife and I enjoy frequenting local eateries, hiking, traveling, attending local music and sporting events, and bringing our families closer together. I coached varsity baseball for six years and junior high basketball for three years to integrate mentorship and my love for athletics. I believe in investing my time in our community and mentoring the youth so I can be an inspirational force as so many adults were for me."

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