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Clara Fite

Business Administration, Instituto Pietro Giordano - Parma, Italy // Licensed Cosmetologist, Aveda Fredric's Institute

Clara is veteran service industry professional with a knack for making people smile and feel cared for. She has filled various management positions within the food service  and cosmetology industries. In addition to her work at TAC, she is a part-time employee at local full-service salon. As a mother of three, Clara describes herself as a total "mama bear" and relentless in her advocacy of children and adults with mental health needs. Her goal is to make you feel completely cared for.  When you come to the clinic for a psychiatric visit, she will make sure your stay is comfortable and will ensure any additional follow-up questions are addressed in full.  She will also serve as the patient liaison with your prescriber so that care is seamless.

My Passion

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"I have a deep personal connection to the impact that mental health disorders can have on family systems and individuals.  Growing up, my older brother had Autism, which caused enormous challenges for my family in identifying appropriate supports. I have also seen the suffering that mental health disorders can cause through my lived experiences with my husband. Now as a mother I am very aware of the risk my children may have for developing anxiety disorders and have become passionate about the development of strong evidence-based prevention programing.  I believe that addressing these challenges early is our best recourse for improving the long-term outcomes of our children.  On a personal note, I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but lived most of my teenage years in Parma, Italy.  I embrace my role as a mother and am an active member of my local church community. In my spare time I love taking leisurely walks with family, exploring local restaurants, and traveling to new interesting places."

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