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What are Neurodevelopmental Disorders?

Neurodevelopmental disorders are a group of conditions that typically manifest early in development, often before the child enters grade school, and are characterized by developmental deficits that produce impairments of personal, social, academic, or occupational functioning. The range of developmental deficits varies from very specific limitations of learning or control of executive functions to global impairments of social skills or intelligence. Disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disorders, and intellectual disability fall under this category.

Why Choose The Anxiety Center for Neurodevelopmental Disorders?

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Specialized Expertise

The Anxiety Center has a team of experts specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. Our clinicians are trained in the latest therapeutic techniques and stay updated with the current research in the field.

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Focus on Functional and Adaptive Skills

Our treatment programs focus on enhancing functional and adaptive skills that enable children to perform better in school, interact more effectively with others, and participate more fully in family and social activities.

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Tailored Therapeutic Interventions

We believe in a tailored approach, recognizing that each child and situation is unique. Our interventions are designed to address the specific challenges and strengths of each individual, ensuring more effective outcomes.

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Holistic and Compassionate Care

We provide holistic care that addresses not just the symptoms but also the overall wellbeing of the child and family. Our compassionate approach ensures that families and children feel supported and understood throughout their treatment journey.

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Commitment to Long-term Development

At The Anxiety Center, we are committed to supporting the long-term development of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. We offer ongoing education and support to families, helping them to navigate the challenges that may arise as children grow and transition into different life stages.

Choosing The Anxiety Center for the management of neurodevelopmental disorders means opting for comprehensive, expert, and compassionate care tailored to foster the best possible outcomes for children and their families.

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How Does Treatment for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Work at The Anxiety Center?


Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment

The process begins with thorough evaluations which may include cognitive and behavioral assessments, medical examinations, and consultations with educational specialists. These assessments help in accurately diagnosing and understanding the extent of the neurodevelopmental disorder.


Individualized Treatment Plans

Based on the assessment results, a customized treatment plan is developed for each individual. This plan may include a combination of behavioral interventions, educational therapies, medication management, and family counseling, tailored to meet the specific needs of the child.


Multidisciplinary Approach

At The Anxiety Center, we utilize a team approach in the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. Our team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and educational specialists who collaborate to provide comprehensive care.


Parent and Family Involvement

Recognizing the crucial role families play in the management of neurodevelopmental disorders, we involve families in the treatment process. We offer training for parents on techniques that can be used at home, support for siblings, and family therapy sessions to improve the overall family dynamics.


Ongoing Support and Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and adjustments are made to the treatment plan based on the individual’s progress. Regular follow-ups and support are provided to ensure that gains are maintained and to address any emerging issues.

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