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Community Partnerships

Rapid, precision mental health care for your community organization

We connect you with transportation, 24/7 crisis services, and comprehensive on-demand mental health care.

Why Choose The Anxiety Center?

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In-Person and Digital Care

Our hybrid model combines digital convenience with essential in-person support, providing comprehensive care that high-need patients  require.

Social determinants of health - economic and social conditions that influence individual a

SDOH Support

We collaborate with your clinic's internal team to enhance their ability to address patient needs holistically, with careful monitoring of social determinants of health.

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Integrated Service Models

Our physical presence in your community ensures that high-acuity patients receive high-quality care close to home.

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We believe in the power of local, personalized care. Our team is embedded within your community, ensuring that we truly know and understand the resources available to them.

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True Collaboration

We work alongside Healthcare Systems, enhancing their capabilities and supporting them to build a stronger overall care framework.

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24/7 Crisis Service

We provide screening and progress monitoring support for triaging patients into the appropriate service lines and ensuring the value of care. Our system enhances services with real-time data for personalized interventions.

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Our Mission

"Our mission is to democratize access to precision mental healthcare for patients with complex mental health needs."
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Program Highlights


Onsite Case Management

The Anxiety Center assigns a psychiatric care manager to each organization we partner with. This care manager acts as a case manager, works closely with the primary care practice, and ensures smooth coordination of care between both organizations.


Connected Care

​We unify the patient's medical, work, and family support systems to help achieve the best possible outcome. Our program offers all patients the most advanced psychiatric treatments in one place, keeping patients connected to the people they know and trust most.


Rapid Access

​​We believe technology is key to the future of mental health care. Our model combines AI-driven precision with essential in-person treatment, ensuring both access and quality for your organization. We pursue convenience and quality, never compromising one for the other.

The Anxiety Center specializes in simplifying complexity and breaking down data silos within mental health care. Our unique care model integrates high-intensity, specialized services to deliver support precisely when and where patients need it most. By combining in-person crisis support with a digital-forward infrastructure, we ensure comprehensive, personalized treatment that addresses social determinants of health (SDOH). Partnering with us grants your community organization access to timely, high-quality care, transportation, food support, and comprehensive wrap-around services to meet your patients' diverse needs.

Our Differentiator

Transforming Care for Complex Mental Illness 
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Top Advantages for Your Healthcare System


Our data demonstrates the superior outcomes achieved through our intensive multi-modal treatment approach. We specialize in providing intensive post-acute services for patients who require comprehensive and multifaceted care.


We understand your patients' urgent need for rapid access to mental health services. We guarantee entry into intensive care within 7 days from referral, ensuring timely, effective support when it's needed most.


We ensure transportation is never a barrier to receiving care. Utilizing our own transportation services or partnering with Uber Medical, our providers offer free rides to appointments, ensuring seamless access to essential mental health services.


Medicaid populations often overutilize emergency rooms. We offer 24/7 crisis support as an effective alternative, reducing the need for costly and often ineffective emergency visits.

Connected Care

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Case Worker



24 Hour 
Mobile Crisis


Transformative Results

Delivered at No Cost to Health Systems

Our funding model is designed to reduce overhead costs for healthcare system partners while maximizing coverage for patients through commercial insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. We have structured our model to ensure accessibility for all practices regardless of their financial circumstance.

Reduction Amounts




 Admission        Discharge


Admission       Discharge


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