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Sana Iftikhar

BA, University of Saskatchewan //  MA, Touro University

Sana is currently a clinical intern at The Anxiety Center with a deep passion for understanding how people react to, cope with, and recover from illness. Sana brings a wealth of experience when it comes to helping a range of end clients explore the use of psychology to promote health, prevent illness, and improve overall well-being as they seek a more integrated life. She aims to create a safe environment for clients to share their feelings and experiences.

Sana holds a Master's degree with a concentration in Health Psychology, which examines how biological, social, and psychological factors influence mental health. Biological factors include inherited personality traits; psychological factors involving lifestyle and dealing with stress levels; and social factors that include social support systems, family relationships, and cultural beliefs. Sana is currently enrolled at William & Mary University where she is studying for her Masters in Clinical Counseling.

Sana advocates for cultivating a better understanding of mental health in the Asian community, particularly in areas where it’s still considered taboo and access to mental health services are not well known or limited. Breaking this stigmatization and bringing a better understanding of what mental health entails to her community is important to her.

Sana brings extensive experiencing guiding DBT groups and providing DBT therapy/consultation. She has received formal Cognitive Behavioral therapy, including Exposure and Response Prevention. Her approach to treatment is nuanced, with special sensitivity  to cultural factors impacting the therapeutic relationship while also ensuring that protocols are based on evidenced-based standards of care. She is a trainee member of the International OCD Foundation and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Sana is also a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach.

My passion

“Outside the life of an intern clinician, Sana maintains her mental health by traveling, hiking, exploring different cultures, photography/videography, going to the gym, and spending quality time with family and friends."

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