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Specific Phobias

Specific Phobias are irrational fears of situations or objects that lead to intense fear or avoidance. Children with specific phobias aren't typically anxious children. Children with specific phobias aren't typically anxious children. They are simply anxious when faced with a particular situation or objects. Research tells us that only about 30% of specific phobia cases are brought on by a traumatic event, like fearing dogs after being bitten by a dog. The majority of cases begin spontaneously in childhood. Some common phobias that are encountered are fear of flying, needles, blood, insects, and dental procedures. A formal diagnosis of a specific phobia occurs when the fear gets in the way of the child's living their life, or when they have to organize their life around the thing that triggers the fear.

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Treating specific phobias involves imaginal, virtual, and in-vivo exposure of the feared situation. Treatment for specific phobias tends to involve a shorter course of treatment than other anxiety disorders. Depending on the child treatment can often be done with normal weekly sessions, or in some cases, short intensive sessions of multiple hours. With the determination of the child and the expertise of our staff at The Anxiety Center we can successfully treat phobias in a manner that leads to long lasting change.

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