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Anne Lewis

BSN, Harding University

Anne is a Registered Nurse and Patient Care Specialist at The Anxiety Center. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree in 2001, graduating Magna Cum Laude, from Harding University. She also pursued SANE/Forensic Nursing in 2004 and holds a Forensic Nursing Certificate through Kaplan University. Her clinical specialty was in the field of Emergency Nursing working at hospitals in Arkansas and Florida. A former FL native, she moved to OH in 2009.

Having struggled in her adult life with Seasonal Affective Disorder and Postpartum Depression, Anne is passionate about helping others through their own mental health challenges and reaching goals or dreams they never thought possible. She loves the collaborative and evidence-based treatment options that The Anxiety Center provides. She is also an avid proponent of therapy and continues to reap the benefits from the tools she has learned in her own counseling. Anne is certified in Brainsway TMS, Magventure TMS, and ketamine infusion therapy.

My passion

"My passion is simply to walk with others through difficult journeys, helping them as they overcome lifelong challenges/obstacles, to realize their full potential. I have had my own mental health struggles and found healing. I believe that taking care of one’s mental health well is foundational for the best quality of life and life experience. If I can provide care and resources that bring hope to others, I can’t imagine a better calling.”

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