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Advancing precision mental-health in our community through our individualized hybrid model of care.

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A higher standard of treatment

Our approach is to use the very best treatments and technologies in behavioral health and to apply them skillfully and compassionately. We adhere exclusively to treatments that have been established through rigorous scientific research because we want you to have the confidence that you are receiving a treatment that has been proven to be effective. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" model and will work flexibly in designing a program with you in mind.

Our center provides the full continuum of integrated behavioral health services from the cutting edge neuromodulation therapies like BrainsWay Deep TMS to coordinated psychiatric services for medication management, including genomic testing. When you enter our offices you will find a center committed to the quality of patient care and a space designed to provide comfort, privacy, and convenience.

All of our psychotherapists utilize a multi-modal approach to therapy, and all have specialized training in process-based cognitive behavioral (CBT) orientation, meaning that when you receive services through our center you will be receiving short-term, individualized, practical, and action-oriented therapy in order to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Is your

Service Oriented

Outcome Driven

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All patients undergo comprehensive assessment and ongoing progress monitoring to guide treatment design, ensure diagnostic clarity, and evaluate treatment efficacy

Our goal is to conduct applied research that improves patient outcomes within the center and advances technologies in the field of anxiety treatment

You will have access innovative evidenced-based cognitive behavioral treatment, medication management, and neuromodulation lead by expert clinicians.

We are committed to disseminating best practices in cognitive behavioral therapy to community agencies, schools, individuals and families.

Our difference

A Higher Standard for Care

Technological Integration

We seamlessly integrate the best tech in mental health including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), virtual reality, biofeedback, breathing retraining devices, smartwear, and mobile measurement-based monitoring

Total Accessibility

We are accessible via text, phone call, and video conferencing to reinforce therapy skills and to provide relief to patients.

Measurement-Based Care

Our treatment is guided by frequently monitoring patient symptoms and feedback using secure digital platforms to accelerate needed treatment adaptations for improved outcomes.

Team-Based Approach

Our clinicians are in constant collaboration and can quickly mobilize to provide intensive outpatient programming.

Medication Management

We provide a responsive patient-centered approach to medication management. Your prescriber will work within the context of your clinical team and deliver frequent symptom monitors to minimize the risk of side effects when medication is indicated.


We provide services wherever they are needed, whether in the office, at home, or in the community.

Continuity of Care

Our services extend beyond the center and include expert school-based consultation and advocacy, as well as comprehensive after-care programming for children.

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Our space

 Whether in our virtual or physical offices our center is designed to be bright and warm space where you will feel like you belong. If you seek services with us you will be part of our family, and we will treat you, or your child as such.


Tried everything?

Try brainsway's FDA approved deep TMS

TMS for depression has been around since 2008 but now BrainsWay Deep TMS offers the only FDA approved TMS treatment  for both OCD and anxiety in depression. Now there is an effective way to overcome failed medication trials and avoid systemic side effects often associated with medication.

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Shelly Wong

Contact us

11085 Montgomery Rd. Ste 250
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
Tel: +1-513-547-2861

7340 Crossing Place Set 100
Fishers, Indiana 46038
Tel: +1-463-220-0437

2331 Far Hills Ave. Ste 300

Oakwood, Dayton 
Tel: +1-937-884-1087

By providing your phone number, you agree to allow The Anxiety Center and its authorized personnel to use your contact information for the purposes of communication regarding your healthcare, appointment reminders, and any other relevant information pertaining to your treatment and care. Your phone number will not be shared with third parties without your explicit consent, except as required by law or in cases where it is necessary for your treatment and healthcare coordination.

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Accreditation by the Joint Commission

Our organization has earned accreditation from the Joint Commission, the premier healthcare accrediting body in the United States. This recognition affirms that we meet the nation's highest standards for safety and quality of care, and underscores our dedication to the ongoing improvement of patient services.

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