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Lisa Willis

BSW, Ball State University // MSSW, University of Louisville

Lisa Willis is an Associate Clinician in our Fishers, IN office.

Lisa graduated in 2013 from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a minor in Interpersonal Relations. She received her Master's in Science and Social Work from the University of Louisville in 2014. She’s a Cardinal for life!

Lisa brings a wide range of professional experience working with children in their homes, public school, alternative school settings, and clinical settings. While practicing in school-based therapy settings for 6 years, Lisa participated in multidisciplinary diagnostic evaluation of children with a wide range of mental health disorders and clinical presentations. She has excelled in implementing evidence-based psychotherapies based on each individual patient's unique needs, including Trauma Focused- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. From the very beginning, Lisa is welcoming and eager to start working with your child, self, and/or family to facilitate positive mental and behavioral growth and stability in your life. 

Lisa has made it her passion to work in a collaborative effort with parents and other professionals to increase the quality of life of children and families with behavioral issues and various mental health diagnoses. Lisa believes that communication is key, she will also collaborate with teachers, administrators, family members, whoever to make sure consistency, implementation of learned therapy skills, and positive change is achieved. Lisa’s main priority with each client is to enable them to take ownership for their actions, create a positive environment for them to flourish, and to encourage teamwork to make their goal attainable.

My passion

"Growing up, I knew I wanted to work with kids whether it was as a school teacher, counselor, or something else along those lines. I quickly realized that being a teacher was going to remind me of the challenges I faced in school. I had extreme testing anxiety and low self-esteem. I enjoyed school but struggled coping with my thoughts and anxiety.  When I decided to pursue the mental health/ social work avenue, I knew I had found my niche and could help children with behavioral management and emotional regulation. I graduated grad school with a 4.0 and found my true calling in helping others navigate through their life obstacles. It brings me great joy knowing that I can provide the necessary tools for families to manage stress, anxiety, and behavioral issues to improve a child’s environment."

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