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Maggie McGrann

BA, Butler University // MS, Butler University

Maggie McGrann is an Associate Clinician in our Fishers, IN office.​

Maggie graduated with a Masters in School Counseling in 2014 and added Mental Health Counseling to her certifications in 2022 after working as a school counselor for eight years in Indianapolis in both the middle and high school setting.  During her time as a school counselor and middle level counseling director, she twice earned the Gold Star Award for School Counseling for the comprehensive counseling model developed and implemented by the counseling team.  Maggie believes in the value of listening to youth and designing responsive counseling and therapy programs to meet their needs.  Maggie has worked diligently in her career within schools to emphasize the importance of mental health services, supports, psychoeducation and social emotional learning for not only students, but also for staff and the greater community.

Maggie has a wide range of experience working with children and adolescents in crisis, collaborating with hospitals, parents, private therapists and community resources to support students and families.  Maggie has extensive training and experience in suicide intervention, is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy,

anxiety management plans, student/client advocacy and psychoeducation.  Maggie approaches each person as a unique individual who is the expert in their own life, and seeks to use the appropriate effective and research-based interventions to help them find their own healing and answers in a safe space they create together.  

Maggie believes that collaboration and communication regarding the needs of adolescents and goals for their progress is a critical component of effective treatment when balanced with trust and safety between client and clinician.  Maggie has extensive experience and knowledge with school-based settings and helping students and parents navigate advocating for the needs of the child, including experience in Individual Education Plans, 504 Learning Plans, behavior plans, and educational evaluations. 

My passion

"While working as a middle school counselor and helping students navigate mental health concerns, I found myself struggling with a growing and debilitating amount of anxiety and depression.  The experience of reaching out for help to my primary care physician for medication, finding a therapist that was accessible, and even being able to voice my struggles despite my professional knowledge and experience was eye-opening for me.  This experience is foundational to how I approach my role as a clinician and the patience, care, empathy and dedication I give to those who are suffering.  I am passionate about being present to witness the lives of those I serve and find deep meaning in the ability to help others.  I believe the greatest path to healing is connection, and am honored to connect with each and every client I see."

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