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At The Anxiety Center we believe that optimal treatment begins with high quality assessment.  That is why every child, or adult, that comes to our center undergoes comprehensive diagnostic and functional assessments. These assessments are conducted to solidify treatment targets and ensure adequate dosage. Attempting to treat a child or adult before understanding their needs is ineffective and at its worst can lead to frustration and hopelessness. Sometimes patients need a more specialized assessment to answer questions with regards to learning, attention, executive functioning, developmental disabilities, or cognitive and memory difficulties. Our testing program was designed for those children in mind and has the goal of informing intervention development and providing families with clear answers.  At The Anxiety Center you will find that we deliver (4As)  accelerated, accurate, accessible, and actionable reports written for your family and directly linked to your child's treatment needs.

Services that we offer

We offer to you a variety of solutions, thinking in your mental health

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Individual Psycotherapy

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Ketamine Infusion

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Intensive Treatment Program



Spravato Esketamine



Transcraneal Magnetic Sym.

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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