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Medication Management

What is Medication Management?

Medication Management at The Anxiety Center is a patient-centered service focused on the responsible prescription, administration, and oversight of medication used to treat mental health disorders. This service ensures that medication is used effectively to maximize benefits and minimize risks, such as potential side effects.

Why Choose The Anxiety Center for Medication Management?

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Seamless Integration with Comprehensive Services

Medication management at The Anxiety Center is integrated with other therapeutic services, offering you a comprehensive care experience that addresses all facets of your mental health.

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Expertise and Experience

The Anxiety Center employs skilled psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who specialize in the pharmacological treatment of mental health conditions. Their expertise is essential for providing top-tier medication management.

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Personalized, Responsive Care

Our approach to medication management is highly personalized, reflecting our commitment to responsive, patient-centered care. Your treatment plan is continuously adapted to respond to your changing needs and preferences.

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Commitment to Your Health and Wellness

We are dedicated to not only treating symptoms but also to improving your overall quality of life. This commitment is evident in every aspect of our care, from the initial consultation to ongoing treatment and support.

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Safety and Efficacy

The focus on frequent symptom monitoring and the integrated care approach minimizes the risk of side effects and enhances the efficacy of your treatment.

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How Does Medication Management Work at The Anxiety Center?


Comprehensive Initial Evaluation

The process begins with a detailed assessment where a prescriber evaluates your medical and psychiatric history, current symptoms, and any previous treatments. This thorough evaluation is crucial for tailoring the medication plan to your specific needs.


Prescription and Treatment Plan Development

 Based on the initial assessment, your prescriber will carefully select the most appropriate medication for your condition. The choice of medication takes into account your overall health, potential drug interactions, and your specific symptom profile.


Integrated Care Coordination

Your prescriber collaborates closely with the rest of your clinical team at The Anxiety Center. This team-based approach ensures that all aspects of your health are considered in your treatment plan, providing a holistic approach to your care.


Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustment

Medication management includes regular follow-up appointments to monitor the effectiveness of the medication and to quickly identify any side effects. Your prescriber will adjust your medication as needed to ensure optimal outcomes, using frequent symptom monitoring as a guide.


Patient Education and Support

You will receive comprehensive information about your medications, including how to take them, possible side effects, and the importance of adherence to your treatment regimen. The Anxiety Center emphasizes patient education to empower you in your treatment process.


Responsive Care

The Anxiety Center is committed to responsive, patient-centered care. If issues arise, adjustments are made swiftly to address any concerns, ensuring your treatment remains effective and safe.

Disorders that we treat

Know more about our special approach of the conditions that we treat

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General, Health, Social, etc.

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Pediatric Neuropsychiatric

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Mood Disorder

Bipolar, Depression, Disruptive

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Neurodevelopmental D.

Autism, ADHD, etc.

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Behavioral Disorders

Attention, Borderline, etc.

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