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Jeremy Nelson

BA, Taylor University // MA, Wright State University

Jeremy is an Associate Clinician at The Anxiety Center in Cincinnati. Jeremy graduated in 2010 from Taylor University with a Bachelor's degree  in Psychology then went on to receive a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2013. Jeremy is an independently Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) working in multiple settings, including community mental health and vocational rehabilitation through organizations such as Eastway Behavioral Health and United Rehabilitation Services. In those capacities he assumed roles providing direct psychological services, program design, and administrative support.

Jeremy is excited to bring his expertise in mental health services and program development to The Anxiety Center’s school-based partnership with Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. His background in community mental health and youth services has emphasized relationship building and the identification of the value based goals that are consistent with CHCA’s value of developing the “whole person.” Jeremy’s approach to counseling emphasizes evidence-based approaches that also acknowledge the spiritual dimension to student mental health. When working with Jeremy, students can expect the integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, and Acceptance-Based Therapies due to their clinical efficacy.

Jeremy believes half the battle with mental health treatment is accessing services. His goal will be to create an open door for students, families, teachers and administrators for consultation and ease of access to services. Jeremy places a high priority on consulting with parents, teachers, and school administrators to collaborate and discuss behavioral concerns, environmental factors and possible strategies for helping the students achieve their goals. Jeremy believes the main focus of therapy is to help move the students on a path achieving their ambitions and living out a life consistent with their values.

My passion

"My passion for serving others came from early years of watching the mental health struggles of loved ones and wanting to do more to help them. My journey led me to learn more about the science of the mind and how it intersected with my Christian faith on important mental health topics. I worked in the field of mental health treatment for nearly a decade before having my own personal experience with anxiety. This humbling experience reignited my passion for destigmatizing mental health, improving access to treatment, providing extensive psychoeducation, and the utilization of best practice, evidence-based treatment approaches to bring about lasting change.”

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